Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian.
Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian.
Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian.
Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian.

Ready-made designs of solar power stations and water heating collectors will allow you to obtain energy independence and save on utility payments.

The use of renewable energy will reduce your electricity costs, which will increase the profitability of your business. Solar power plants are the secret of a prosperous business.

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(Українська) Потужність
(Українська) 17,0 кВт.
(Українська) Річний обсяг виробництва електроенергії
(Українська) 18 500 кВт.
(Українська) Сонячні модулі потужністю
(Українська) 340 Вт кожна
(Українська) Кількість сонячних модулів
(Українська) 50 шт.
(Українська) Пікова потужність модулів
(Українська) 17,0 кВт.
(Українська) Інвертор постійного струму
(Українська) HUAWEI SUN2000 17 KTL
(Українська) Кількість інверторів постійного струму
(Українська) 1шт.
(Русский) Инверторная мощность:
(Русский) 209 кВт.
(Русский) Пиковая мощность солнечных модулей:
(Русский) 254 кВт.
(Русский) Годовой объем производства электроэнергии:
(Русский) 272000 кВт-ч.
(Русский) Мощность солнечных модулей:
(Русский) 310 / 340 Вт.
(Русский) Количество модулей:
(Русский) 798 шт.
(Русский) Инвертор солнечный:
(Русский) Huawei SUN2000 60KTL-MO, 12KTL, 17KTL
(Русский) Количество инверторов:
(Русский) 5 шт.
(Русский) Мощность:
(Русский) 7 МВт.
(Русский) Годовой объем производства электроэнергии:
(Русский) 7500 МВт.
(Русский) Солнечные модули:
(Русский) EGING-EG-320P 72-C
(Русский) Количество модулей:
(Русский) 21774 шт.
(Русский) Пиковая мощность модулей:
(Русский) 6968 кВт.
(Русский) Конструкции наземные:
(Русский) Инвертор солнечный:
(Русский) HUAWEI SUN2000-60KTL-M0
(Русский) Количество инверторов:
(Русский) 102 шт.
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Modern solar power station for the house from the company "EKOTECHNIK"

High-tech solar power plants today can be found not only in modern multi-storey buildings. Monocrystalline solar panels for a private house with a permanent residence or for summer cottages are offered by the company EKOTEHNIK.

Become self-contained!

The use of environmentally friendly and renewable energy makes it possible to become more autonomous. In EKOTECHNIK you are ready to provide not only modern equipment, but also services for installation and adjustment of each of the solar collectors or batteries. The proposed solar panels can be installed, both on the roof of the building, and on independent elements on the plot. The created solar modules will allow obtaining the required electricity options and not paying for the usual lighting and electricity supply of the whole house.
It is also possible to create an independent system of hot water supply and heating tasks, it will be enough to buy solar collectors and install next to your house. The specialists of the company “EKOTECHNIC” are ready to provide a comprehensive approach not only to the installation of equipment, but also to calculate in detail the required capacities and all the components of the modern power system.


Advantages of solar energy network:

  • By purchasing solar panels everyone can provide themselves with an independent source of light and energy.
  • A full-fledged solar power plant for the house will allow you to connect the usual electrical equipment and lighting without an electrical network.
  • You can create the required power reserve by purchasing special batteries.
  • Using solar panels, you can obtain the required independence and eliminate costly work to connect to a conventional power supply system.

Get all the benefits of solar energy will help employees of the company EKOTECHNIC, having done all the necessary work on the complete set of solar panels and will produce the required installation on your site.

Quality assurance

It is important that all the work done and the types of solar modules provided by the company “EKOTECHNIC” will have a quality guarantee. For several decades you will be able to use solar energy without worrying about energy consumption and payment of receipts from the power grid. Thus, a reliable power system with a renewable energy source will be obtained, which will reduce harmful emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.