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Becoming independent is so simple!

Rapidly developing technologies make it possible to use fully renewable energy sources, in particular solar energy.

This allows:

  • Significantly reduce emissions of harmful substances into the environment;
  • Create independent sources for autonomous existence;
  • Reduce the cost of paying utility bills.

Becoming independent is so simple!

Select all the necessary equipment to achieve this goal can be done in the company “ECOTECHNIC”. It is here that the equipment options will be offered, allowing the use of solar energy. The specialists of the company will help to organize autonomous lighting, which allows not to worry about switching off the light even with prolonged energy consumption. The proposed autonomous solar power stations will be an excellent solution for private houses and dachas, replacing the usual connection to the power grid.

Modern batteries will allow you to accumulate the required amount of energy per day and ensure the functionality of the entire system for a long period of time.

A huge selection of components and necessary parts to create an independent energy consumption system, that’s what EKOTECHNIC company can surprise. Here you can also find the required hybrid water heaters, which allow you to have the necessary amount of hot water without using solid fuels or gas.

Using mobile solar generators and modern installation structures, it will be possible to generate the required energy sources at any of the sites or adjacent territories to residential complexes.

Today we can say with certainty that EKOTECHNIC is ready to offer modern methods of energy consumption and providing an autonomous existence. Anyone who wants to be independent of the constant use of electricity can choose network solar power plants that allow them to be used not only for personal purposes, but also to provide systemic supply of production capacities.

Installed solar inverters will give a chance to create uninterrupted power supply from environmentally friendly energy sources and at the same time do not require additional power supply to any of the construction objects. Available solar modules will create the required power station, which can be supplemented with the required number of elements.