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Why batteries are so necessary

Many systems designed to convert an uninterrupted power source into an electric current have a number of imperfections. So, solar panels will prove useless in high clouds. Thermoelectric generators are not too reliable.

Battery Features

In order to ensure a stable supply of electricity, you need a battery. In a number of power supply systems, it is included in the kit, for which, for example, an autonomous solar power plant for a house receives a certain priority. Also, the battery performs a function other than energy storage – it stabilizes the voltage on the load when the solar battery has a wide amplitude of volts at the output.
Batteries are also used in backup power supply modules. Batteries are charged when there is a network, but if it is not available, they serve as a spare source of electricity. Such a scheme is perfectly suited for life support systems, supply of circulating pumps, heating boilers, boilers.

Where else is the battery used?

Also, a rechargeable battery is necessary if autonomous lighting is provided or uninterrupted power supply is required. Batteries are also used in systems with the ability to add power. During periods of low power consumption, batteries accumulate power, and during peak consumption they give it to the load.