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For what purposes is the use of autonomous solar power plants

Application of the ASP is quite wide. The operation of autonomous solar power plants is advisable in places where there is no possibility of using the public electric grid. The ASP device is quite simple: the solar panels are connected to the battery via a charge controller. Ready-made modules can produce a constant voltage or variable, but for this purpose you need to use an inverter.

A reliable source of electricity

With a small amount of solar energy, batteries and a charger-generator will help out. Autonomous solar power station for the house is not effective in every case. The downside of the system are batteries that cost a decent amount, and their lifetime is relatively short.
However, an autonomous solar power plant is almost the only way out for those who need a reliable uninterruptible power supply. ASE is used in hotels, private sector, at gas stations and other facilities remote from communications at a considerable distance.

Wide opportunities

Buy a solar power plant on our website. It is able to work in parallel with diesel generators, mini hydro power plants and is not compatible with a centralized power grid. Also, the ASP is great for building its own hybrid power supply system.