Mobile solar generators iKUBE (Italy)
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Effective mobile solar generators IKUBE

The widespread use of various power sources, which convert renewable energy into electric current, has solved many problems. A good example is the mobile solar generators of the Italian firm IKUBE. Depending on the energy consumption, they can be operated for different purposes.

Distinctive advantages

The price of solar collectors is relatively acceptable, but ergonomics is quite high. Main characteristics:
• Reliability;
• practicality;
• compactness.

Mobile solar generators can be installed not only on the ground, but also on the roof of houses, in any place where it is convenient for the owner of MSG.
Such uninterruptible power modules will supply various electrical equipment, home electrical equipment, mini cafes. They are widely used for outdoor events: festivals, exhibitions, promo, when certain equipment requires electricity.

Different types of MSG

Mobile solar collectors, which can be bought on our website, will provide with electrical current virtually any equipment day and night. They are environmentally safe, do not consume gas, gasoline, diesel fuel. The Italian firm produces several varieties of MSG. All samples differ in power value. There are suggestions: 125W-1kW, 350W, 2kW-6kW.