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Features of industrial solar power plants

Industrial SPP

An industrial solar power plant (SPP) is a solar power plant installed by legal entities (enterprises).

Industrial SPP, as a rule, are installed for own consumption, or for sale of the electric power at “green tariff”.

For companies that have an expensive electricity tariff, it is important to install a solar station for their own consumption. The cost and payback of SPP is calculated in each case individually, depending on the required capacity and cost of electricity.

The installation of a commercial solar station for the sale of electricity at a “green tariff” will recoup the cost of the station for 4-5 years, and still earn additional funds by 2030. Such a station requires a separate connection point to the grid, and all electricity produced can be sold at a “green tariff”.

Construction of industrial solar stations can be performed both on the land and on the roof of the existing enterprise. When installing commercial SPP on land plots, the plots must have an appropriate purpose.

Ecotechnik Ukraine is installing turnkey industrial solar power plants. To calculate the cost of construction and payback period of the station, contact our specialists.