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The proven efficiency of solar inverters

Solar inverters operating in the same circuit with PV power plants are considered to be an excellent solution for generating electric current. Two effective systems can be cited as examples: HUAWEI SUN2000-12KTL (China) and SMA FLX PRO 15 (Germany)

Advantages of the Chinese inverter

The first model, developed by HUAWEI, is aimed at maximizing the energy output of solar power plants. The SUN2000-12KTL device is connected to a three-phase external network and shortens the detection period by intelligent monitoring. Buy a solar collector can be on our website.
Distinctive advantages:

• conversion of energy to the level of 98.7%;
• category A + / A +;
• Three MPRT routes;
• natural cooling;

Also the model is known for high reliability.

What the German manufacturer offers

Another solar inverter SMA FLX PRO is a model of the latest generation. A powerful system for receiving solar energy from standard solar panels, the cost of which does not exceed the average values. After the transformation, electricity enters the network. Distinctive advantages of the module:

• three-phase input;
• high efficiency up to 98%;
• The MPPT system;
• quality and reliability.

The Germanium inverter is easy to install, has a user-friendly interface, low noise threshold.