Independent solar power 1,56 kW

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Stand-alone photovoltaic plant can operate the main source of electricity or uninterruptible power supply. They are indispensable where there is no possibility to join the grid for general use, but there is a need for a reliable source of electricity stable quality, detached houses and hotels, gas stations, remote from the communications, industrial and commercial facilities.
These stations do not support parallel operation of centralized power, is nevertheless able to work together with diesel generators, wind turbines and miniHES. Using quotation autonomous station developed by EKOTEKHNIKA Ukraine, you can build any hybrid power supply system using fotomoduliv.

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Solar module SOLARWATT BLUE 60P (Germany)
6 pcs.
Solar inverter SMA Sunny Boy 1600TL-10 (Germany)
1 pc.
Charge Controller SMA Sunny Island Charger 50-MPT (Germany)
1 pc.
Automatic External DC SMA BatFuse B.03 (Germany)
1 pc.
Data logger SMA Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth (Germany)
1 pc.
Battery Ultracell UCG100-12
2 pcs.
Construction Micronix
1 t.
Main switchboard
1 pc.
Special cable for solar modules
Power cable NYY - J4x16 mm2 SE
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