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Hybrid water heater 100 liters

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 Water Drazice a new technical solution of heating water using clean energy.

To heat water using solar energy, which by means of photovoltaic panels produced by direct electrical current that heats the water in the cisterns.

The original is heating spiral to connect photovoltaic panels, in which there is no any power losses and therefore, the device works very effectively, and, provided with heat protection and sound management of the whole system.

Simplicity and easy to change placement of solar panels, they are not in need of repair operation and very simple to switch cisterns with a thin electrical cable, providing virtually unlimited possibilities for use of the device in the family and panel houses, as well as in industrial facilities.

The kit 100 L .:
Drazice LX ACDC water heater 100 liters.
1 pc.
The photovoltaic panels Solarwatt 260 W
4 pc.
Inverter Drazice Power Box 1-2 kW
1 pc.
The aluminum design
DC solar cable d40mm
(Русский) Размеры ВхДхШ
(Русский) 881х524х524
(Русский) Тип ТЭНа
(Русский) сухой
(Русский) Мощность ТЭНа (кВт)
(Русский) 1-2
(Русский) Мощность теплообменника (кВт)
(Русский) 24
(Русский) Площадь теплообменника (м2)
(Русский) 1
(Русский) Производитель
(Русский) Drazice (Чехия)
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