Solar inverter Huawei SUN2000-23KTL

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These solar inverters maximize enerhovyroblennya on PV-power plants located on the roofs, slopes and level ground.

From a technical point of view this string inverters are designed for three-phase connection to the external network. Intelligent monitoring and fault detection chain reduces localization problems. Three-tier topology provides maximum power conversion efficiency at 98.7%. The test results PHOTON inverter assigned to this category A + / A +. Each inverter provides up to three routes MPPT (tracking point of optimal power) for a particular environment.

The natural cooling without external fans increases the reliability of the inverter when operating outdoors.

Maximum efficiency:
Maximum input power:
22 500 W
The maximum input voltage of
1 000 V
aximum input current
54 A (3 x 18 A)
MPP voltage range:
480~800 in
Nominal input voltage:
620 B
Maximum number of inputs:
Number MPPT:
Rated power:
23000 W
Rated output voltage
3 x 230/400 B + N + PE
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