Solar energy

Solar energy

Design, construction and maintenance of solar power plants. Investing in projects.

Solar power plant – is engineering structures, usually solar panels or modules required to convert solar energy (radiation) into electrical or thermal energy. The most common type is the power plant, consisting of solar cells.

This type is widely used because it is easy to install and that can be placed almost anywhere fotobatareyi. Typically, solar panels placed on the roof if it allows construction of a roof or near a specially equipped place near the house.
Widely used for energy (both electricity and heat) private homes, hotels, resorts, cafes, cottage villages, as well as industrial facilities.
Depending on the purpose and power, such power can serve as a backup or additional source of supply and the main power supply.

Kit as a turnkey solution usually consists of: solar modules (panels), inverter (to convert DC to AC), batteries and charge controllers for them, as well as cables and connectors. The same can be part of the installation design, for example, to mount the panels on the roof of the monitoring system for monitoring and reporting of the entire system.

Because of the simplicity of the construction of solar power plants, this type of alternative energy is gaining increasing popularity in Europe and Ukraine. The company has implemented many projects “EKOTECHNIC” solar power stations and solar parks in Central and Eastern Europe. Particular attention our company focuses in Romania and Ukraine, where several projects have already been implemented and others are under development.

Call us and our experts will select the best solution for your home supply and make from scratch and “turnkey” solar power project any power for your business!

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