Projects for industry and business

Projects for industry and business

Ekotechnic specialists say that the use of solar panels and other energy systems based on solar batteries, allows not only to significantly save, but also based on the production of clean solar energy. And this is only a couple of reasons for refusing to use traditional power sources.

Why choose solar power plants?

The use of solar cells in energy projects for industry and business provides a lot of advantages:

Cost effectiveness

The cost of solar electricity is several times lower than the cost of electricity.

The energy dependence of business and the formation of a positive image of the company in the eyes of society and potential customers.

Return On Investment

Depending on the type and capacity of the solar station, the payback period is 5-7 years.

The possibility of obtaining a guaranteed profit. The constant increase in the cost of electricity in many ways justifies the investment in the generation of its own electricity.

Low maintenance costs

The minimum costs are due to a small number of maintenance personnel, as well as high automation with low maintenance costs.

To all other things, it should be noted that power plants that work on solar energy do not harm the environment.

Our company is ready to offer the opportunity to build an effective business in the field of solar energy, guaranteeing the maximum return on investment and investment.

Why batteries for solar panels choose in Ekotechnic?

The reasons for choosing Ekotechnic as a supplier of equipment are huge, but the main ones are:

  1. Ekotechnic has been designing and selling solar equipment for more than 10 years.
  2. Specialists of the Czech company Ekotechnic implement projects of any complexity. If necessary, we will create an effective system for collecting solar energy for both a private house and a whole cottage community.
  3. We install and design solar power stations not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe.

Company Ekotechnic takes care of its customers, and therefore we take care of the entire design and planning process, as well as the purchase of equipment and its installation. The customer pays for the finished product that meets his individual requirements.

To find out the cost for collectors, batteries for solar panels or other equipment, you need to call the contact phone number on the company’s website. The polite expert will give an exhaustive consultation and answer any question interesting you.

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В чому ваша вигода?

Ваша вигода полягає в тому, що Ви отримуєте сонячну електростанцію з корисним терміном експлуатації понад 30 років з урахуванням оптової знижки. Ви пропонуєте замовнику монтаж станції на даху будинку та підключення згідно свого прайсу. Встановлення такої станції дозволить не тільки значною мірою заощаджувати кошти замовника на електроенергії в домогосподарстві, але і заробляти до 3000 Євро в рік, отримавши на таку станцію «зелений тариф».