Sales and installation of solar panels

Mankind is facing every day with various global problems. And electricity is no exception. Its resources are exhausted, and the price of the tariff is inexorably growing. Therefore, the question of obtaining an alternative energy source remains open. As an effective energy supply, the best option is the use of the Sun. This is by no means a fantasy, today there are many developments of scientists, thanks to which it is possible to supply themselves and their loved ones with high-grade electricity by means of single-crystal solar panels.

The power station operating on an alternative energy source consists of a system of solar modules, as well as an inverter with a computer controlled controller.

Principle of operation

Using the equipment installed on the roof, electricity is generated from sunlight. To ensure the normal operation of household appliances, an inverter is used that converts DC to AC. The installed controller regulates the operation of the solar panels. So in the period when little light comes in, automatic switching to battery recharge occurs. This process is provided by accumulated electricity during the working day.

To always stay up to date, how your system works – you are given the opportunity to control it through a tablet or a personal computer.

Regardless of who will use this equipment by an ordinary citizen or enterprise – the best option for installation will be the roof of a particular building. For the correct operation of the solar power plant for the house, you need to properly install the panels and related equipment. However, in the event that it is not possible to install such a system on the roof, it is permissible to install its elements on the ground or on poles.

How to choose the right product

Before buying equipment, you should pay attention to such aspects:

  • Battery life time.
  • The amount of electricity you consume.
  • Power inverter.

Our company performs the sale and installation of solar panels throughout Ukraine. In addition, in addition we provide services for designing and investing solar power plants for household needs.

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