Designing of solar power plants

Ekotechnic has been selling and designing solar power stations for more than 10 years. Throughout the period, specialists improve the collection of solar energy and try to make this method of food as accessible as possible.

Today, the energy of the sun is used not only to maintain heat in a country house or to supply traffic lights. Whole energy systems contribute to the normal operation of factories and industrial facilities.

Types of solar power plants

Experienced specialists of Ekotechnic are ready to implement even the most complex project from solar modules. All solar-powered power plants are divided into four main types:


  • Hybrid or combined. Stations of this type assume the presence of at least three independent power supplies. Only under this condition will the facility receive the required amount of energy on a regular basis.


  • Offline. Such stations operate independently of city networks. During the day, the system accumulates energy in the batteries, and then issues it at the user’s request.


  • Backup. This type of power plant is used where there is a high probability of switching off the main power source.


  • Mobile. Portable systems from compact panels that allow the use of solar energy in travel.

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Why choose the energy of the sun

There are many reasons for switching to solar energy, but according to experts of Ekotechnic, the main ones are:


  • The energy of the sun does not lead to the appearance of greenhouse gases. This fact makes it environmentally friendly.


  • The solar energy is inexhaustible and regularly renewed.

  • Solar power plants for home and business pay for themselves within a short time.

  • The warranty for such power plants is given for a period of 5 years.

  • Installing a solar power plant takes no more than 3-5 days

Ekotechnic designs and installs solar panels , power plants and even “solar parks” in accordance with the individual requirements of each client addressed.

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