Especially for dealer

Today, increasingly, people are opting for solar panels. First of all, this is due to a systematic increase in electricity tariffs. Our company is looking for responsible dealers in different regions of Ukraine. The purpose of this enterprise is to provide customers with the necessary products.

Especially for dealer

Who we want to see

For us, employees who appreciate their own and others’ time are important. The main qualities that a company representative must possess are as follows:

  • Caring for the reputation of the organization.
  • Respect of buyers.
  • Set as a priority product quality.
  • Striving for long-term cooperation.
  • Understanding and mutual assistance in various situations.
  • The primary goal of our company is to conclude a cooperation agreement on favorable terms for each of the parties.

Why work with our company productively and profitably?

With us it is profitable! Starting working in the “Ecotech”, you get solar modules at an all-time low cost with discount. The approximate working life of such a power plant is about 30 years. You will offer customers installation on the roof of the cottage of such equipment, according to your tariffs. The installation of such a system allows you to save finances for electricity and earn a tidy sum by getting the station at the best price.


Positive aspects of cooperation with us

It is important for us that you feel confident, and therefore we offer such conditions:

  • Minimum starting capital investment;
  • Savings in warehouses, as we deliver the equipment to the address of the direct customer’s order;
  • Advisory support;
  • The absence of charging for the estimates, the measurements you provided to any of the facilities;
  • Advertising and PR-support;
  • Original products;
  • Deprivation of a binding to warehouse stocks and direct number of orders.

The price of the product – specifically for dealers, there is an action on which monocrystalline solar panels, and related equipment is released with a wholesale discount. The buyers attracted by you, will remain satisfied, and you, using a personalized promotion program, will be able to make good money.


Thanks to cooperation with the company “Ecotechnik”, you will provide yourself with decent wages and respect for customers. Please contact the phone number provided: +380 67 223-44-14 or send an email with the subject “Dealership” and your phone number to in order to receive a detailed quotation.

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