Home solar panels

Home solar panels

Living in suburban areas and in country houses often poses the same question to people: the provision of housing with electricity. This is relevant for the reason that many holiday villages experience constant interruptions in the supply of electricity, and in some cases there is no connection to the power lines at all. Arrangement of an autonomous network in this case is the only true option that will provide residents with maximum comfort. If before summer residents mainly used diesel and gasoline generators, then in the past few years there has been a noticeable increase in interest in solar panels .

Why it is worth buying a solar panel for a house

The advantage of solar modules over other sources of energy in this case is completely obvious:

  • Complete autonomous lighting is achieved – all the benefits of civilization become available even to people in remote places
  • No monthly fuel costs, constant noise, exhaust fumes and a high risk of fire (as in the case of diesel and gasoline generators)
  • simple maintenance of the system – the company’s specialists develop the project, carry out the installation of the equipment and take on the subsequent maintenance)
  • fast installation – access to electricity will be available soon
  • Long service life (solar power station for home can serve 20-30 years).

Thanks to the installation of solar panels, in a country house you can always use a refrigerator, a computer, a vacuum cleaner, a boiler and many other household appliances.

Components of a solar power station

The device for converting solar rays into electricity is quite simple. It consists of:

  • photomodules
  • The battery needed to store electricity
  • The controller of the charger – it is responsible for managing the system
  • The inverter is required for a standard AC load.

In addition to these parts, fasteners for reliable installation of the system are also required.

Some summer residents decide to install the solar panels – the cost in this case is slightly lower than when installed by specialists. However, self-assembly does not only have advantages, but also disadvantages. Among them: time costs, the risk of buying inappropriate equipment, lack of guarantee.

“Ekotechnik Ukraine” LLC will completely solve these problems. We offer:

  • selecting the most efficient equipment for your house for a small price
  • professional quick installation;
  • warranty.
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